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How much do you charge for fitness coaching?

My fitness coaching is FREE to Team Beachbody members. If you live in the United States or Canada, I’d be happy to be your official Team Beachbody Coach.

If you don’t already have a Team Beachbody membership, you can sign up for one with me as your Coach at

Are you available for an interview or podcast appearance?

If you’d like to discuss online marketing, balancing home/business/family, using YouTube for business or living with cancer (spoiler alert: I’m currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer), I’d be happy to discuss an interview or appearance.

Please fill out the contact form on this page or email me at

How do I sign up for your Free 21 Day Fit Camp?

It’s easy! You simply provide your name and email address at

FYI: Fit Camp is only available to US and Canada residents and sign-up to Beachbody On Demand is required for access to streaming workouts. There is a FREE 30 Day trial available. Details will be sent to the email you provided at sign-up. A credit card is required when you register for Beachbody On Demand; you may cancel at anytime. 

How do I sign up for Business Coaching?

I don’t currently offer 1:1 business coaching services (cue wamp wamp music)… but I am presently hard at work creating a YouTube Marketing course (with more training topics to come). Sign up for the waitlist HERE.

Got a specific question or issue relating to your business you’d like to discuss with me? Fill out the contact form on this page telling me more about your business or email me at

What’s your favorite home workout program?

3 Words: 21 Day FixIt makes the most important aspect of weight loss, nutrition, just about as simple as it can be. You simply measure out foods with color-coded containers. No starvation. No counting calories or points.

I’ve lost an average of 15 pounds each time I break out the containers and do a cycle of 21 Day Fix. It’s the program I most frequently recommend to clients. My clients LOVE this program and have consistently great results. I really can’t say enough good things about it.

Workouts are short, fun and challenging- and each workout features a modifying cast member who looks like a REAL person (not an impossibly perfect fitness model).

You can get the 21 Day Fix Essential Kit HERE for just $60. But I recommend the Challenge Pack with Shakeology to make it easier – you’ll have a no-brainer blend and go option for each day!

Worried about wasting money on yet another fitness program? Don’t sweat it! If you don’t love the program, there’s a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You can return your Fix and get a full refund.

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